About Kim’s Exclusive Catering

Kim’s Exclusive Catering was born over 6 years ago, offering personalised catering in the Helderberg, Cape Winelands and greater Cape Town area. Kim works exclusively out of her home in Parel Vallei, producing wedding fayre, canapes, corporate meals, wedding and celebration cakes, cupcakes, gourmet cakes and desserts (confectionery is her first love), home-cooked meals, and catering for any occasion.

Catering for up to 300 – 400 guests at any location is available. We have worked in the most well-equipped kitchens to ones with only the bare essentials – and we do it with ease. Most clients are catered for in the comfort of their own home.

The business has grown to include staffing of events and Kim has hand-picked coordinators, waitresses and bar staff to ensure a memorable event. As loyal clientele of Kim’s Exclusive Catering will confirm, Kim has a passion – and a special talent – for turning simple, fresh and seasonal ingredients into a delectable array of flavoursome food.

There is such a huge choice when it comes to food. We all tend to ‘eat’ with our eyes as well, and Kim’s passion for cooking comes through in how her food is presented. Her versatility and love of fine food comes from her parents. It was honed at the Granger Bay Hotel School where she completed her National Diploma in Food Service Management (cum laude). As a chef at the Mount Nelson Hotel, Kim passed up the opportunity to join the South African team to compete in the World Culinary Olympics. Instead she found herself torn between her career and maternal instincts – and the maternal instincts won!

Kim has never regretted the decision to start a family. Following the birth of her daughters, Darryan and April, she took a few years raising her children before donning the apron again over 6 years ago. A new addition to the family a year ago is her son Jayden, who will really be growing up in the kitchen. Often Kim dreams of sitting under the Tuscan sun and savouring the authentic flavours of Italy, but until then she is content to teach her three keen mini-chefs that the easiest way to any person’s heart is through a plate of soulful food.