Special Products

High Tea Treats

Mini Red Velvets

Mini Moist Dark Red cakes individually wrapped and topped with Cream Cheese Frosting and our Custom White Chocolate Shard or decoration of choice

Chocolate Brownies

Gooey Chocolate Diamonds topped with Pecan Nuts and Dreamy Ganache

Petit Fours

Elegant Almond Flavoured Sponge dipped in Fondant and carefully decorated with Sugar Flowers

Mini Milk Tarts

Mini traditional South African Custard Tart with hints of Cinnamon

Mini Lemon Meringues

Lush mini Lemon Tarts topped with Fluffy Meringue on a Golden Sweet Pastry Base

Mini Meringues

That Melt in your mouth

Chocolate Profiteroles

Golden Puffs of French pastry plump with Fresh Cream and dipped in Decadent Dark and White chocolate


Coloured Rounds of Almond Meringue sandwiched with Flavoured Fillings


Mini Fingers of Honey Flavoured Nougat with Mounds of Nuts and Glace Fruit sandwiched between traditional Rice Paper